Behind the scenes on Naked Girls with Masks in Brighton

These videos & pictures are from a day (August 22, 2010) we spent in Brighton (UK) shooting for my series Naked Girls with Masks on a strange 21°C SUPER humid rainy day! We had 2 locations; Brighton’s beach & Devil’s Dyke (up the hills). There was mist everywhere and it just made everything magical!

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Here are videos by my good friend Amber Vaks:

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Can Nipples bring world peace?

A long intense debate started off on my facebook page about a picture of nipples I’ve uploaded accompanied with the following text: “I wonder why people make such a big deal out of female nipples. They should be evenly exposed!”
It took the miserable pathetic impotents pricks who are offended from the look of human nipples just one day to report this picture and have it removed. I salute you, cocksuckers.
Here’s the picture for both offended and happy nipple-lovers (I do not discriminate) …enjoy: