; 2010 Traffic Review

I started this blog in 2010. Since October 30th I have used WordPress on my domain.
I am SO grateful for the amount of interest I receive from all of you, where ever and whoever you are; I love you!

Before October 30th I used the WordPress platform ( for few months (first blog post was on July 10, 2010) and even tho I have stopped blogging there from October onwards I am still receiving between few tens to 275(!) views every day there! (with an average of 136 on July-December).

The magic of naked girls imagery, uh? 🙂

On I’ve had 3,359 visitors since October 1st, 2010.

I’ve had total of 24,999(!!!) visitors on the older from July until December (6 months!)

These two numbers sum up to a nice combined figure of 28,383 visitors in 2010 (during a period of 6 months)!!!

To view the full PDF (quite interesting) click here.; 2010 Traffic Review

Here are the stats:

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