v1.0 is a GO!

VERY excited to finally have a proper website online. Have a look on

To build the website I’ve used Indexhibit (A web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound). So far so good.

I did find few disadvantages on the technical side:
1. It’s PHP so you can’t link / share a specific page – only a whole gallery. (I’ve also an issue with Yahoo hosting – realised I can’t get something called “Clean URLs” which basically means that instead of writing: you can write: and I think this issue is also getting in the way of actually being able to link to a whole gallery successfully).
2. Indexhibit only have 2 levels. Meaning: If I want to have another category under Naked Girls with Masks (for example: Projects / Naked Girls with Masks / Gallery) I can’t.
Ideally I’d have 3 levels so going back to the NGWM example, I could make a Naked Girls with Masks category under Projects and under Naked Girls with Masks I’d have: Gallery, Information etc.

1. It’s FREE
2. Indexhibit have a great forum with lots of help about most subjects – very easy to understand if you’re a bit techie. I literally learned CSS / PHP basics within a night.

Would LOVE to receive your feedback / comments / critiques / suggestions etc. Hit me up on the comments below here or on either Email:, Facebook or Twitter.