Two Girls Inside A See Through Dress

New Projects

There are three projects I’ve been working on and wanted to give a little preview here.
All three have nothing to do with each other but I’ve been working on all of them for the last two years or so. All three are also still on going.

Natural Beauty

The first one is called “Natural Beauty“.
In Natural Beauty I’m pretty much capturing beautiful women …with armpit hair.
The idea behind this concept is to perhaps make people reconsider the norms for our current idea of feminine beauty. I’m trying to mix a very clean classic model-lookalike females whom you’d never expect to have armpit hair – so the result is sometimes very confusing as most of us will consider the look of female armpit hair very raw, unhygienic and even dirty or disgusting. Being captured in a subtle and sometimes semi-erotic nature gives the final result an intriguing quality that hopefully will provoke new way of thinking – maybe even a hair revolution(?)

In the picture below you can see Amanda Palmer who, compared to the other participators in this project so far, might be a little less “delicate” and/or “feminine” looking – yet, she’s leading a growing niche of alternative thinking through the world of music and punk cabaret. To me, she’s one of the most amazing and beautiful women I know.


The second project is called Nightlife. This project is a selection of roughly two intense years of documenting parties in London. I’ve selected the more odd and uncommon images (not the ones you’d expect to see in party photos). Add to the fact that most of these pictures were taken in alternative underground burlesque and fetish clubs around London such as Torture Garden (world’s lead fetish club), Bête-Noire (PKA The Last Days of Decadence – One of London’s best burlesque / cabaret clubs) and White Mischief (UK’s biggest Steampunk party makers) and more.

The picture below of Julian was taken in Torture Garden’s Halloween party in 2010.

In a Box

The last project is called In a Box. Coming from Israel, I got used to shoot a lot of my portraits outdoor, on locations. London is a bit limiting, to say the least, weather-wise. I photographed a lot of my tests inside my flat in North West London. Having no private studio in hand – I’ve tried to make the best of it. The process of being a photographer or artist in the beginning of his way made me think that these photos taking throughout these two years I’ve been living here could make an interesting collection – especially in few years time.
You can see Grace Neutral’s legs in the picture below. It was photographed in February 2011.

All of these projects will go live in the near future on my website at