I’m just a singer with a song, how can I try to right the wrong?

Seattle based photographer Chase Jarvis made me feel very good about being a photographer last week.
Chase wrote a post about the picture of dead Osama Bin Laden not being published. It’ll be easier to just copy/paste Chase’s post:

If you’ve ever questioned the power of an image, consider the current news cycle. The US government has decided it won’t show images of the dead Bin Laden.

If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple. A photograph–an image–is an incredibly powerful thing. It can be a tool, intentionally or incidentally. It can tell an entire story of a month, year, decade, or a generation, captured in perhaps just 1/1000 of a second. An image change a life, end a war, start a riot, bring someone joy, inspire a revolution, open or close a debate. An image can move the world.

My point has nothing to do with the governments treatment, or lack thereof, of the Bin Laden image…should or shouldn’t, left or right in America, good versus evil, or any other debate along political lines. That is not my point, and this is not the forum here for those discussions. Don’t go there. Instead it has everything to do with the proof of the power of an image. Therein lies the only reason that this debate rages on. If it weren’t powerful, there would be nothing to say.

My point is a simple one and specifically this: if you’ve ever doubted if, in this modern era with technology moving a light speed, whether there is still respect and value for the 130 year old concept of a photo, think again. If you’ve ever wondered if the power of a photograph is waning, think again. The power of a photograph is at an all time high. Sometimes we… need these reminders.

Consider this as you go to work with your camera.
Click here to see the original post on Chase’s blog.

So maybe, there is still hope. Maybe, I COULD right the wrong. Maybe, for this next quote, I will be Freddie and all of YOU will be God (read all the way to the end). And instead of songs, we got pictures (for now), ok?

In my defence what is there to say
All the mistakes we made must be faced today
It’s not easy now knowing where to start
While the world we love tears itself apart
I’m just a singer with a song
How can I try to right the wrong
For just a singer with a melody
I’m caught in between
With a fading dream

In my defence what is there to say
We destroy the love – it’s our way
We never listen enough never face the truth
Then like a passing song
Love is here and then it’s gone

I’m just a singer with a song
How can I try to right the wrong
I’m just a singer with a melody
I’m caught in between with a fading dream

Oh what on earth
How do I try
Do we live or die

Oh help me God
Please help me

In My Defence, Freddie Mercury