My pictures at the NYC group exhibition “Dasein: An invitation to hang”

Very happy to be a part of project by Seattle based commercial photographer / director / “super-blogger” Chase Jarvis called Dasein: An Invitation to Hang taking place at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, New York this month.

Here’s a little blurb about the project: Dasein: An Invitation to Hang is part of an interactive, month-long artist in residency at the Ace Hotel New York in celebration of the snapshot. It was conceived as a living, breathing, interactive work of social art.

The photos are being printed and displayed on a changing wall of about 300 images. From Chase’s posts I’ve managed to see about 11 images of mine that were hanging on the wall. Here they are:


You can also see some of my images on the video below where Chase introduces the space and the hanging prints. He mentions 3 of them at:
3:00 (“Monkey Guy“)
4:00 (“I have no idea what’s happening there, that’s what I love about that“)
5:03 (“I’ve never seen shoes like this in my life“)


Here’s more information about the show:


And you can go here to Chase’s original post with even MORE info.