Tumblr; Inspiration for Ben

So (one of) the current kicking trend(s) is TUMBLR.
I started using mine back in July 2010.
If you’re a creative and you’re not on Tumblr I think you should!
The amount of inspiration I find there is outstanding!

So much I have decided to open a dedicated Tumblr for the posts I like and inspired of.
If you’re wondering what’s on my mind and sometimes where I get my ideas from, my ‘inspiration’ tumblr is one place where you can find some hints and more.

Here’s the ‘regular’ Ben Hopper Tumblr (NSFW) @ benhopper.tumblr.com:


Here’s the Inspiration for Ben Tumblr (NSFW) – warning, some of the stuff here is *ahem* naughty! @ inspirationforben.tumblr.com: