Introducing: “Support for Print” – Ben Hopper prints from £10!

Did you ever want to buy a print of a photo that I’ve taken but only wanted to spend £10?
Well, now you can.

‘Support for Print’ is a new venture I’m launching in the hope to enable me to focus on developing more of my personal projects. With ‘Support for Print’, I am offering a chance to support with ANYTHING (from £10 upwards) and reward you with a print of your choice.

You can choose ANY picture you like from my collections and I will send it to you signed, no matter where you live in the world.

How does it work?
1. Make your desired contribution from £10 using PayPal (button below).
2. Once the contribution has been made, choose any picture from the collections on my website (, save the picture off my website to your hard drive and email it to me at
Be sure to mention your required picture size, type of print, postal address and of course the amount contributed+when+your PayPal name – so I could spot & verify it on my PayPal account.
3. Receive my signed print!

Supporting with

Reward Print Size (in Inches)

£10 6×4″
£10-15 7×5″
£15-20 8×6″
£20-25 10×8″
£25-30 12×8″
£35-40 15×10″
£40-45 18×12″
£50+ 30×20″
*Signed Photo Paper Prints
£25-£45 6×4″
£45-£65 7×5″
£65-£85 10×8″
£85-£105 12×10″ / A4
£105-£200 16×12″ / A3
£200-£300 20×16″ / A2
*Signed & Numbered Fine Art C-Type Prints from a Limited Edition of 50
£250-£750 30×20″
£750+ 50×30″
*Signed & Numbered Fine Art C-Type Prints from a Limited Edition of 25






– Shipping anywhere in the UK = free shipping.
– For shipping to Europe (outside the UK): Please add £5.
– For shipping anywhere else outside the UK: Please add £10.
– Combinations are accepted (for example: £30 – can be translated 2 photo prints of 7×5” or 3 photo prints of 6×4”. It can also be 1 Fine Art C-Type 6×4” Print).
– At the moment, contributions are only accepted in GBP (Pound sterling).

My immense gratitude goes out to all those that have shown their support.
Ben Hopper x

More about ‘Support for Print’
A big part of my photography involves self-assignments, collaborations and personal projects.

During 2010 I started a series called Naked Girls with Masks. I photographed more than 20 different models in more than 20 different locations around London and Brighton, in the UK. Every picture had a different mask borrowed from someone who either made it or bought it. Some masks were purchased too. All of the models were photographed fully naked, mostly outdoor.
10 images from the series exhibited in London at the ACT ART group exhibition in July 2010 and it got featured in Bizarre Magazine’s September 2010 issue. Along with countless bloggers who wrote about it and posted images from the series online, I had hundreds of thousands of viewers visiting my website and blog from all over the world since July 2010.
The whole project wasn’t sponsored and it was created with my own money and the dedication of all the participants who helped and gave their time and bodies for something they thought was cool and wanted to be a part of. None of the models were paid and they all volunteered to do it. As far as I’m concerned, they all need to get paid at some point… somehow.
Naked Girls with Masks is ongoing and I am planning to start photographing Naked Men with Masks as soon as possible. I am also planning to travel around the world and document different cultures with their associated masks.

The positive feedback I received during and after creating this series, made me realize this is what I want to do – I want to work on my own personal projects… I want to collaborate with people and to be able to exhibit my work and work from project to project. Needless to say the Masks projects are the tip of the iceberg and alongside those, there are dozens of other exciting things being planned on a daily basis.

Sadly, the reality is different and having started working my way into the gallery world just two years ago, I still have a few more steps to take before I have “the name” to enable me to make enough money from selling prints alone.

However, this is where YOU can help; you can help me continue working on my own personal projects with anything from £1!
Any contribution above £10 will reward you with a signed print!

What is Fine Art Prints?
Broadly speaking Fine Art Prints are defined by the following criteria – images printed to the highest quality on long-lasting paper with archival inks; they are individually supervised, signed and numbered by the artist, severely limited in number (the edition) and derived from original artwork. They will hold colour true for at least 100 years, provided they are kept indoors and out of direct sunlight.

Main differences between Fine Art and Photo Paper prints
While Fine Art Prints, include lithographs, screenprints, etchings, etc., are a quintessential medium within contemporary art and one of the principal forms of artistic expression, Photo Paper Prints are simply a mechanical reproduction of an original artwork.

All Fine Art Prints are created in limited numbers. I sign and number each piece. The Photo Paper prints are only signed, not numbered.

Fine Art Prints are printed with quality ink on archival or other artistic papers. A Photo Paper Print is generally printed on a standard glossy or matt paper with standard ink and generally deteriorates quicker.



Fine Art Prints have the potential to rise in value. On the other hand, most Photo Paper Prints will rarely do so. In fact, a large portion of contemporary art auctions is dedicated to Fine Art Prints.