The Illustrated; A call to collaborate with my photography

Painstaking Vectors by Alex 'Twiy' Chappell
Painstaking Vectors by Alex ‘Twiy’ Chappell

The Illustrated is a personal project by Ben Hopper; a collaboration of photography, illustration, graphic design and typography.

I’m calling all Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Typographers where ever you are – if you like any of my photos and would like to play around with it / mess / fuck it up – however you want to call it.

Find the picture you like on my website (, drop me an email ( with a copy of the photo, your details (including a link to your portfolio) and if I like you I will send you a Hi Res so you can take it from there. Simple.

Part ONE
Creating a body of work and sharing it with the world.

Part TWO
Creating dedicated specific work rather than a pile of scattered random mixed collaborations. Something that is a mutual interest for both of us, something that we both care about or can debate on together, expressing different opinions that’ll merge into one piece or series of works.
Obviously, I can then produce a “customized” series of photos for you to work on.

Going commercial; We’re going to reap just what we sow.
Getting commissioned to create dedicated sets of images for commercial/editorial work. Publishing the work in print & online magazines / blogs. Exhibit and sell prints. Make a book …you see where I’m going with this.


Some more examples:
“Painstaking Vectors” was done by British graphic designer Alex ‘Twiy’ Chappell, “See You in My Nightmares” was done by a French graphic designer GZA and Ilan Baffet is an Israeli illustrator who works in the CGI industry and beyond.

Katerina by Ilan Baffet
Katerina by Ilan Baffet
Sarah Block by Ilan Baffet
Sarah Block by Ilan Baffet
See You in My Nightmares by GZA
See You in My Nightmares by GZA