A little thank you to Steve

Steve Jobs in his cubicle. I liked the ‘THINK’ poster in the back.


Few days after he died, I’m still reading people’s reactions with tears in my eyes. It’s funny, I became so anti-consumerism over the last two years but Apple was always so holy and untouchable. So many friends laugh at me when I go to the Apple store; “oh, you’re going to the shrine…”.

When I was a kid in Israel, an architect friend of my dad had a Macintosh computer. This must have been around 1990 and I think (looking at wikipedia) it was the Macintosh Classic. Back then it looked like a super computer to me. Computer who only designers and super accomplished creative people could even own.

Macintosh Classic (1990)
Macintosh Classic (1990)


When I first moved to London at the end of 2008 I bought my first Apple computer, a MacBook Pro 15″ (first black keyboard model). Through all my life I’ve been a PC user but always dreamt of having a Mac. Then, a year later I got the iPhone 3GS.  It’s the “once you go Mac you can’t go back” thing – they’re just that good.

Thing is, with his dreams, Steve made us all dream too. We dreamt of having these products and when we finally got a hold of them, it was truly a dream come true.

His aesthetics inspired me and will inspire me forever in my own work.

RiP Steve Jobs. Here’s to the crazy ones: