Synopsis for a blockbuster film

A big earthquake causes a major leak in a big nuclear power plant leading to the biggest nuclear disaster ever known to man killing billions in the years to come.

Meanwhile turns out this was all a well planned operation; a part of larger top secret depopulation plan ran by a small select families (aka ‘the 1%’) who own and run everything from behind the scenes.

Using advanced weather modification machines to create a geographically focused earthquake they broke the nuclear plant’s reactors leading to several core meltdowns – eventually leaking and poisoning earth’s humankind for decades to come.

We discover that ‘the 1%’ have actually been working with extraterrestrials since the beginning of time, being part-alien themselves – they have the technology to survive the radiation.

Our only hope is New York City Police officer John McClane who was cryogenically frozen (along with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes) and now reawakened by “hacktivist” collective, Anonymous to save us from the reptilians.