“The Forest Project” in Finland


As time goes by, the status of the forests has been changing with the rise of industrialization and urbanization, but the connection between the Finnish people and the forest remains. For the Finns, the forest has once symbolized something spiritual and holy. Nature gods and spirits were worshipped in the sun-lit groves and dark and gloomy spruce forests were avoided, since they were considered to be the realms of goblins and trolls. The lives of the Nordic people were not directed by a calendar, but the harvest season of berries and mushrooms and the yearly migration routes of the animals. The forest used to be our ruler.

I just got back from Finland.
I spent 3 days in a forest with Sade Kamppila and Viivi Roiha; two Finnish female circus artists.

We collaborated and created photographic / video work for The Forest Project, a new project combining contemporary circus arts and the forest.

We stayed in an isolated cottage right next to the Russian border, a beautiful lake (one of nearly 200k lakes Finland has to offer), no shower or running water, yes sauna, yes fireplace, yes (what felt like) world’s largest population of human-eating-mosquitos, yes great food by two fantastic artists (Sade & Viivi)…

I already miss this forest.

Below are some of the images we made (you can also check my Instagram for some BTS snaps).

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