‘Transfiguration’ Exhibitions at the Roundhouse & Truman Brewery (London / 2016)

Like a mask, layers of body paint and powder disguise the identity of the subject, and release something animalistic from within. In the final images a sculpted, abstract, less human figure emerges.

This April, my latest photo-project ‘Transfiguration’ will be making its UK debut as part of a unique dual exhibition;
A very special appearance at London’s legendary performing arts and concert venue Roundhouse and a solo show at The Old Truman Brewery.
The exhibitions will take place in London, having had a successful preview at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Paris) in January this year.

Download the Press Release from here.

Truman Brewery (fb event)

’Transfiguration’ will be exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery – in the heart of Brick Lane, London.

OPENING EVENT / Private View with the artist: Fri, 29 Apr 2016, 6–10pm
Exhibition: Sat 30 Apr – Sun 8 May 2016
Open daily 11am-7pm (Free Entry to PV & Exhibition)

The Old Truman Brewery (Brick Lane)
Shop 11, Dray Walk, Ely’s Yard
London E1 6QL
Google Maps (opposite Big Chill Bar)

Roundhouse (fb event)

Update (April 25): Transfiguration at the Roundhouse finished yesterday. The show was on for 3 weeks (Apr 4-24) as part of CircusFest. It was a great success and has been seen by 14,000 people who came to visit the venue during the festival!

‘Transfiguration’ was selected by Roundhouse to be exhibited during the 2016 edition of their biannual international circus festival CircusFest.
Exhibition open to public: Monday 4th – Sunday 24th April 2016. Free entry.
Address: Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8EH.
Closest station: Chalk Farm.
Opening times: Mon – Sat 6.30pm – 9pm
*9th April 12pm-9pm & 10th April 12pm – 5pm
Closed: 17th, 18th, 19th April
Tel: 0300 678 9222
roundhouse.org.uk / or here for more info about CircusFest.

Words by John Ellingsworth
Four years in the making, ‘Transfiguration’ is an experimental photo series that explores how a transformation of the body—of the figure—can transform the spirit. Working with circus artists and dancers, Hopper covers each of his participants in multiple layers of black paint and white powder. A visual ‘Transfiguration’ takes place—a change of colour, form and texture—but there seems to be something deeper: the person is also transfigured, stripped back to a raw state as though in a ritual.

Since the first shoot in autumn 2012, Hopper has worked with artists from London and Montreal, with graduates from the great national school CNAC at Châlons-en-Champagne in France, and with other exceptional performers from around the globe. The few photos released have already reached an audience of over 1 million people online, but the project is far from over. Following its exhibitions in London and Paris, ‘Transfiguration’ will move to North America for further photography and exhibitions, culminating in 2017-2018 with a large-format book.

Press Reviews
…more like 3D Jackson Pollock paintings or John Chamberlain sculptures than human beings.” – The Huffington Post

Each photo is charged with kinetic energy, only heightened by the bold streaks of body paint and splatters of white powder. Some of the photographs look like cubist paintings because of the contrast between black, white, and human flesh along with the seemingly impossible angles and feats of flexibility performed by the subjects. The body paint looks almost like strokes of charcoal, creating depth while also the illusion of two-dimensionality.” – Beautiful/Decay

Circus artists contorted into startling shapes.” – London Evening Standard

Hopper gives his subjects an abstract look” – The Times

Hopper challenges art through his photography by engaging bodies, faces and people in general within his settings.” – EverythingWithATwist

Prints are available for purchase. For pricing and further information, please email Ben directly on: therealbenhopper@gmail.com
Website: therealbenhopper.com

Participants in the project so far (in alphabetical order):
Alejandra Baño
Alfa Marks
Edouard Doye
Emma Farnell-Watson
Fiona Thornhill
Francy Eliza Sobola
Garance Hubert-Samson
Guillaume Blais
Hauk Pattison
Jessica Ladley
Jonathan Fortin
Kaner Flex
Katie Hill
Lauren Taylor
Leilani Franco
Lil Rice
Luca Chiarva
Lucie Roux
Sasha Flexy
Shakirudeen “Bonetics”
Yammel Rodriguez

‘Transfiguration’ premiered in Paris at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain last January, where it was viewed by 16,000 people. Read more about it (+pictures) here.
Ben is excited to finally bring the exhibition to London, his current city of residency.

The London exhibitions are supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

The ‘Transfiguration’ Paris exhibition was funded with the help of Kickstarter.
Below you can find a list of the “‘Transfiguration’ Photo-Project Exhibitions by Ben Hopper” Kickstarter backers (in alphabetical order):
Aaron D. Ybarra, Adam Fuller, Adriaan van der Tang, Alex Worters, Alexandra Bell, Amir Hirshfeld, Anastasia Karampournioti, Anastasia Niedinger, Anders Stig Poulsen, Andie Scott, Andrew Oliver, Anna Maloney, Anna Palindroma, Anna Roper, Anne Bengard, Anthony Madsen, Anthony Neal, Aoife Littlejohn, Arkem Walton, Assaf Gillam, Beth James, Bob Dixon, Brianna Kalisch, Caritia Abell, Caspar Addyman, Chase Jarvis, Chris Randall, Christina, Claire Templeton, Colette Loobey, Cormac Mcjuggler, Courtney Prokopas, Dana Segal, Daniel James, Darren Smith, Donald B Lehn, Donna Jane, Eduard Banik, Edward Ussery, Elena Ros, Eli Barash, Eric Damon Walters, Erika Nguyen, Ersin Han Ersin, Estelle Vandier, Evonne Okafor, Fantini Natacha, Fiona Thornhill, Flora Herberich, Francis gadbois, Frank Jordan, Fred Bromley, Freyja Edney, Gareth Tyrrell, Geoff Lealan, Glenn Pa Moore, Haim Gaash, Harry Yeff, Herbert Ascherman, Hugo Antonio, Ian Grandjean, Isa Naia, Jasmine Siupik, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Jenny Clout, Jess De Wahls, Jessica Ladley, Joanna Wade, Jono Breen, Joshua Bedingfield, Justin Varney, Karen Burgoyne, Karoly, Kayla Jacoby, Kirsty Bell, Leo Scottt, Leyla Rees, Lobi Johnson, Lola Kedar, Łukasz Majewski, Marco Bracco, Maria Wagner, Mart Oruaas, Mateusz Cyrankiewicz, Matt Jolly, Matthew Craig, Maya Duani, Mehmet Memo Akten, Michal Benin, Michelle Crawford-Bewley, Myoshka, Nando Messias, Natasha Kruse, Nial Mosharrafa, Nicholas Immaculate, Nick Hoskin, Nicole Yeo, Nigel Bewley, Noah Kalina, Noam Zabari, Omri Vitis, Pavel Kotov, Peter Jacobs, Pieter, Rachael Robinson, Rachel Clare, Rachel Crawford, Rachel Donnelly, Ramon Corona, Randall Dameron, Rebecca Rennison, Remco Vanderlinden, Renata Trencanska, Ro Olufunwa, Rob Cantor, Robert Quayle, Rolf Lyneborg Lund, Rowan Sawday, Rupert Dannreuther, Sam Hyde, Samira Tristani, Sanne Vaghi, Sarah Fathallah, Sarah Hacking-Brian, Simon Vacker, Sofar Sounds, Specular, Teri Su, Thierry Fied, Tim Woodward, Timothy Leung, Tom Elkins, Tuomo Railo, William Chamberlain, Yair Shahar, Zoe Jones.
You can visit the campaign here.

See the original post with the project’s initial publication in Jan 2015 here.