Burning Man 2016; The Photographs (NSFW)

It took me more than 10 years to get there. Once there, another 2 days in the playa to actually ‘get it’.

– in short, it’s the Extremity that makes you value Life.

Hands down one of the best weeks of my life.
For a moment in space and time, Humankind shines and glows with all of its wondrous beauty.

Where else would you find 70,000 utterly ridiculous looking people, dressed like electric goofball monkeys, prancing around a deadly alkaline-dust-desert?

…so far I only found two things like it; The Immortal by Jorge Luis Borges …and a DMT trip. Both impossible to describe with words.
The only way you too, can truly ‘get it’, is to go to Burning Man, and experience it yourself.
Please do so.

Below are some of the photos I’ve taken during the festival this year:

Daniel Murphy on Gene Tully’s “Realize” installation (29/8/16)

Dancer at sunrise (31/8/16)

The wonderful Takeshi Furuki (30/8/16)

Alvin Gaines-Molina and Aimee Lee Lucas during sunset (30/8/16)

Abby Fry (29/8/16)

Sasha at during my first ‘deep Playa’ bike ride (29/8/16)

I found Frank at Burning Man (30/8/16)

I had to brag with my Jerusalem kufiya …and take their picture (30/8/16)20160830_burning_man_7u6a7010

Hobie (30/8/16)

My first sunrise at Burning Man, that night when I finally understood what this madness is all about… (31/8/16)

My friend Mark and I met Alisha & Dave during sunrise at Burning Man next to the trash fence, which is the edge of the whole huge BM compound.
They told us they met each other very close to the same spot during sunrise, 5 years ago. They’ve been together since. They come to the same place every year to watch the sunrise together.
They had tears in their eyes while telling us their personal story. We had tears in our eyes too.
I asked them if I can take their photo before we left. I wanted a souvenir of what love looks like. (31/8/16)

Dusty sunset on a trampoline (30/8/16)

Marceline Sanguine (1/9/16)

Catacomb of Veils (1/9/16)

The view from Catacomb of Veils (1/9/16)

One of the first photos I took at Burning Man (28/8/16)20160828_burning_man_7u6a6728

Mallory Pokorny, deep playa (3/9/16)
20160903_burning_man_7u6a926820160903_burning_man_7u6a9056 20160903_burning_man_7u6a920020160903_burning_man_7u6a9245

On Gene Tully’s “Realize” installation20160903_burning_man_7u6a924020160903_burning_man_7u6a9231

An evening at the Red Nose District camp (2/9/16)

Michael Duffy stilting/praying/angle-ing (2/9/16)

The great Jesster Canucklehead, one of the founders of Red Nose District, the camp I stayed with this year at Burning Man.
Thank you for letting me into your family this year! A family of incredible individuals, circus artists and their friends…I couldn’t feel more at home.
Photographed during dusk at Red Nose District, 4:45 & Esplanade, Black Rock City, Burning Man. (29/8/16)

Eros Biox (3/9/16)
20160903_burning_man_7u6a9339 20160903_burning_man_7u6a935320160903_burning_man_7u6a936620160903_burning_man_7u6a939620160903_burning_man_7u6a9303

Whatever that was… (2/9/16)

Red Sammy at the Red Nose District camp (2/9/16)

Liz Crosby and Justin Stanley during a dust storm (31/8/16)

Advice? (1/9/16)

The Man, the day after (4/9/16)

At the entrance of Burning Man stand a team of people whose job is to hug you and treat you with a “welcome home” greeting. If it’s you’re first time, you ought to drop on the ground and do a roll or two in the dust. Looking at all of these photographs from my London studio, I get it all now. As cheesy as the stories sounded to me for years prior to my first BM experiences, I really get it all now…and what a sweet home it is! (29/8/16)

Self portrait at the Identity Reorganization Portal installation by Michael Emery (3/9/16)