Burning Man 2017; The Photographs


I brought my Canon 5D MK III.
I spent $200 to hire a 35mm f/1.4L lens.
I ended up using them for about 2 hours during my Burning Man 2017 experience.

What happened?

This year I was surrounded by a group of the loveliest dorkiest uber-creative numpties. We were busy getting lost and found, rolling in the dust and breaking the Playa (or was it our minds?). I have yet to laugh so much in one week. I have yet to pull such dance moves which made a bunch of us cry with aching smiles.
From the seductive lingerie my ginger-bearded Barney was wearing at 5am cycling around freezing his balls off – to the LED cape Irish Ruairi was wearing while climbing a beautifully changing colours lit dome, interrupting a group of tripped out namaste-folk and making us choke up on laughter.

We were wrong and we were right. We were out of it. We were in and we were home. As cheesy as it may sound, that place IS something special. I have experienced so much and I have learned so much. I’ve been mind-blown and inspired. It gave me strength and filled me up with life.

These 8 images is the best stuff I got during one sunset on Friday, September 1st. Leaving my group and cruising the Playa for photogenic eye-candy felt familiar and was heart warming. It was liberating to roam free but despite all, it didn’t feel perfectly right. This year was all about our group.
Thank you Crew Marshmallow Laser Feast; Barnaby, Mark, Jeremy, Richard, Susan, Lars, Ersin and Becky.

Thank you Red Nose District crew, thank you Crimson Rose.
…and thank you Burning Man – you’re an inspiration.

See you next year, most probably! <3

(Go here to see my Burning Man 2016 (NSFW) photographs)

Guys hanging on the Thunderdome structure

Last rays of sunshine bathing

Two art cars merge into a party

Krista and her partner embrace as the sun disappears over the mountains

The moon over the mountains

The Man preparation for the burn the next day

The playa at dusk

Header photograph: Sunset on Red Nose District’s giant swing (my camp) with Thunderdome in the background.

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