Introducing ‘Hex 000000’, a New Photo-Project by Ben Hopper (Part 1: Matt) – NSFW

Those dark sounds are the mystery, the roots that cling to the mire that we all know, that we all ignore, but from which comes the very substance of art.

Federico García Lorca

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To see the 2nd part of this project please go here.

Since 2013, I’ve photographed more than 50 subjects covered in paint and mud.
What started as an innocent experiment, turned into a repetitive attempt to project my mood during a rather challenging period in my life.

Today I am sharing the first part out of two from this body of work I’ve slowly created. I call it Hex 000000.
The works represent a photographic study of colour and human textures.
They also represent an expression of mood, a reflection of myself.
Hex 000000 is the computing code on web pages and image-editing programs for the colour Black. The name was chosen to focus on colour, rather than ethnicity.

A long black sleep
Descends upon my life
The fear, the insecurity
The self-doubt
Confusion and uncertainty
The loneliness
The hate
The longing for connection but inability to follow through
The silence
The darkness
The sleep

I can no longer see anything
I am losing my remembrance
of the bad and the good…

Left: Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Kate Alsterlund and Lea Ved // Right: Arthur Cadre
Clara Prezzavento, Eline Guélat and Jarrod Takle
Lauren Joy Herley, Claudel Doucet and Anonymous
Marie Astride Ducroquet and Léonor Clary
Marie Astride Ducroquet and Léonor Clary
Left: François Colarusso and Celeste Bliss // Right: Clara Prezzavento, Eline Guélat and Jarrod Takle
Left: Lauren Joy Herley, Claudel Doucet and Anonymous // Right: Arthur Cadre
Catherine Desjardins-Béland, Gonzalo Coloma, Lewie West, Mathieu Riel, Mieke Lizotte, Sandra Bérubé, Lysandre and Simon Murphy-Gauthier
Ana Díaz Tirado and Nadège St-Arnaud
Sorcha Finch-Murray
Left: Ben Hopper (self portrait) // Right: Kei
Left: Sorcha Finch-Murray // Right: Ben Hopper (self portrait)
Left: Emma // Right: Kei
Left: Emma // Right: Ben Hopper (self portrait)
Sorcha Finch-Murray
Top: Becky O’Brien // Bottom: Emma
Ben Hopper (self portrait)
Sorcha Finch-Murray
Clara Prezzavento, Eline Guélat and Jarrod Takle


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I’d like to thank all of the participants in the project. In this part of the project you’ll find (in alphabetical order):
Ana Díaz Tirado, Arthur Cadre, Becky O’Brien, Ben Hopper, Catherine Desjardins-Béland, Celeste Bliss, Clara Prezzavento, Claudel Doucet, Eline Guélat, Emma Farnell-Watson, Emmanuelle LePhan, François Colarusso, Gonzalo Coloma, Jarrod Takle, Kate Alsterlund, Kei, Lauren Joy Herley, Lea Ved, Léonor Clary, Lewie West, Lysandre Murphy-Gauthier, Marie Astride Ducroquet, Mathieu Riel, Mieke Lizotte, Nadège St-Arnaud, Sandra Bérubé, Simon Murphy-Gauthier and Sorcha Finch-Murray.

Big thank you to Pierre Manning at Shoot Studio (Montreal). Thank you Phase One for helping out with the gear.


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